Few Postcard and EDDM I Designed For My Clients

I have been busy designing various print and web designs to help my clients to promote their product or services. My major marketing projects included Corporate Identity, Flyer, Brochure, Postcard and EDDM, web page, landing page, Business Card, Coupon Code, Facebook and Social media Ads, Google Ads, eBook Cover,  etc.

In this article, I am going to show you few of the promotional postcard and eddm I designed over the last few years. I have experience of many businesses like Real Estate Agent, Real Estate listing, Real Estate Podcast, Beauty and Spa, Gym, Pharmacy, Restaurant, TAX Service, Dentist, Layer, Pizza, Burger / Fastfood, Online Store etc.

A postcard is the cheapest and effective marketing material. You can get 100% more sales by running a postcard or add campaign. I have the lots of happy clients have got a postcard from me that helped them make money. I designed them the best door to door marketing tool the needed.


These are the Postcards and Direct mail EDDM I designed:

Short Term Home Rental Business Promotional Postcard

Short Term Home Rental


Real Estate listing Promotional Postcard

Real Estate Listing Promotional Postcard


Kitchen Kebinet Promotional Postcard

Kitchen Cabinet Promotion Postcard


Holiday Lighting Service Promotional Postcard

Holiday Lighting Service Promotion Postcard


Tailor Business Promotional Postcard

Tailor Postcard


Beauty and Spa Postcard

Spa Postcard


Real Estate Listing Service Promotional Postcard and EDDM

Real Estate Listing promotional EDDM Postcard


Real Estate Podcast Promotional Postcard

Real Estate Podcast Postcard


Real Estate Agent Promotional Postcard

Real Estate Agent Postcard


E-Waste Recovery Service Promotional Postcard

e-security service postcard


Car Service / Rent Business Promotional Postcard

Card rent , seller promotion postcard


Grocery Business Promotional Postcard

grocery business promotion postcard


Pharmacy Business Promotional Postcard

Pharmacy , medicine store postcard


Retirement Incom Business Promotional Postcard

funding business postcard

Financial Service Promotional Postcard

Financial Company Postcard


Feminine Business Promotional Postcard

Feminine Business Postcard


Elderly Home Health Care Promotional Postcard

Elderly Care Home Postcard


Cleaning Service Promotional Postcard

Cleaning Service Postcard

Credit Card Business Promotional Postcard

Credit card postcard and eddm

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